In TAPE ME : REEL 3, Faceless enters your home, and solves all of your problems...

           We dig deeper into Faceless' mind, as well as the psyche of his victims in TAPE ME : REEL 3, when Faceless enters the broken home of Randall and his daughter Amanda. Randall is a man who is angry with the self destructive life he leads. Suffereing from his own misfortunes, Randall now takes out his frustrations on his 16 year old daughter Amanda, who is scared, alone and desperate to keep her father from hurting her.

       Amanda's situation has made her shy and terrified of the world around her. There is a ray of hope in her Uncle Ethan, an ex-con who wants to help his only niece out of her abusive situation. But Uncle Ethan can not rescue her, he doesn't have the money....

        ...So Faceless is forced to intervene. After watching a disturbingly gruesome torture of a young woman and named Jenni, both Randall and Amanda find themselves trapped in Faceless' world. The stakes are high, and Faceless vows that, by the end of the day, he will solve all of Randall and Amanda's domestic problems....

This story is unique from any of the previous reels, and Faceless promises all of you an ending that none of you would never expect....



Cara D'Adamo as Amanda
Indie Wreslter Andy Ridge as Faceless
Paul Van Hook as Randall
Christina Heath as Jenni
Adam Murphy as Ethan
Janani Saara as NIKITA (voice)

Directed by: Christopher Eric Outridge
Special Guest Director: John Joyner

Story by: Christopher Eric Outridge

Written by: John Joyner

Cinematography by: John Joyner and Christopher Eric Outridge

Make Up And Visual Effects by: Aileen "Margie" Salerno

Production Assistant: Leroy Rivera

Garage Location Manager and Set Design by: Eddie Pacheco


Featuring the the song "CAPTURE" by Gerge Malone's punk rock band PRETTY BULLSHIT, as well as three other original tracks.