In TAPE ME : REEL 4, Faceless teaches Appreciation, Life and Focus!!!

      We begin REEL 4 with Faceless waking up in the morning on a typical day; enjoying breakfast and writing his next journal entry. After teaching a very disturbing lesson in the appreciation of women, Faceless targets his next victim, a young college student named Marie. 

      Marie is very intelligent, but she often works herself up so much that she can't focus on the task at hand.  She is taking a 22 credit course load, works full time, and often feels overwhelmed with life and it's struggles. Her worrying has lead her to forget a payment on her tuition, and now, she has to pay her entire bill in full in three weeks or she is thrown out of school.

      Marie can't leave school, and she desperately needs money to pay her tuition. Faceless wants to help her; she is a good woman who works very hard and deserves a break. However, his help will be rewarded only if Marie can learn to relax, focus and concentrate on Faceless' shocking specific lesson plan


Rachael Logue as Marie

Indie Wrestler Andrew Outridge as Faceless

Michael Zampetti as Harry

Leer Leary as Mr. Griffin

Christopher Piccione as Stanley

Bonnie Jean Warren as Lisa


Directed / Written and Cut Together by Christopher Eric Outridge

Assistant Director - Amanda Ruiz

Make Up and Special Effect by Aileen Margie Salerno

Location Manager - Belynda M'Baye

Location Manager for Garage Location - Eddie Pacheco


Featuring the hit song "CAPTURE" from the punk rock band Gerge Malone's PRETTY BULLSHIT. http://prettybullshit.bandcamp.com/ as the TAPE ME Theme Song


Featuring modelling photos taken by Bella Berlin


Featuring "The Joker" Artwork of Remy Lexington. http://remylexington.tumblr.com/


Always remember, that Faceless Love You!!!