In TAPE ME : REEL 5, Expose Who You Really Are...

         Sonya is a young woman who spent her life doing everything she can to survive. In exchange for food and shelter, Sonya has agreed to work as a high end prostitute for a powerful loan shark named Alejandro. After years of giving him her mind, body and soul, Sonya wants to escape this life forever. Her only way out is to gain enough money to escape New York and start her life anew somewhere else....

          Meanwhile, Lynn is a compassionate and hardworking single mother who is under a tremendous amount of financial stress. She is desperate to raise $1000 to keep a roof over her and her daughter's heads, and the only person she can ask is Dwayne, the man who walked out on her 3 years ago when he impregnated her. Dwayne is a greedy, egotistical, selfish, lying, prick who would sell his own grandmother's retirement fund for a profit. As expected, Dwayne refuses to help the woman whom he painted as a gold-digging whore, and continues to live his life as a successful playboy bachelor.

           Faceless has seen enough, and is now seeking to expose Dwayne for the man he truly is. If he won't see it for himself, the Faceless will permanently burn the message into Dwayne's psyche forever.

           The kid gloves are off, and no matter how hard you fight, nothing will stop Faceless from teaching his next lesson.


Rachel Rose Gilmour as Sonya

Isaac Haldeman as Dwayne

Indie Wreslter Andy Ridge as Faceless

Dinah Singh as Lynn

Johnny Alicea as The Client

Mandy Evans-Brown as Rebecca Hannigan

Antonio San Miguel as Rocky

Edie Monroy as Cecilia

Emilio Pantero as Alejandro

Jamale Session as Gunner


Directed, produced and cut together by: Christopher Eric Outridge

Assistant Director & Co-Producer: Amanda Ruiz

Cinematography and Lighting by: Edgardo Parada

Make Up and Visual Effects Artist: Aileen "Margie" Salerno

Production Assistance: Leroy Rivera

featuring the song "CAPTURE" by the punk band PRETTY BULLSHIT

featuring "Faceless Police Sketch" artwork done by Remy Lexington