TAPE ME Intro Reel 1 & 2

TAPE ME Intro Reel 1 & 2



TAPE ME Horror Film Series begins...



Meet Faceless a serial killer who videos tapes himself stalking, kidnapping and torturing his victims based on his emotional investment in how they live their lives.

Faceless begins by setting out to educate minor league baseball player Bradley Cooper on proper anger management. His lesson is brutal, but his method is justified. He catalogues his latest lesson, and after some work with a power drill, Faceless moves onto his next student in Nikita, a sassy, spunky Manhattan socialite and movie reviewer for one of the world's most popular entertainment magazines. Coming from a successful and high profile family, Nikita is a city woman with everything going for her. She is extremely popular and friendly with those in her own social class, however, she is disgustingly rude and disrespectful to those who she feels are "beneath" her and her high society lifestyle.

Faceless doesn't enjoy, nor appreciate this lack of compassion in an otherwise very sociable woman. Faceless vows to teach Nikita the true meaning of human compassion, and about how if you don't show compassion to others, you yourself don't deserve any...



Janani Saara as Nikita

Indie Wreslter Andy Ridge as Faceless

Daria Berenato as Cleo

Robert "Legend" Simmons as Russell

Daniel Stagliano as Bradley

Kelsey Lynn Stokes as Julia

Tobi Percy as Damien

Christopher Piccione as Stanley

Charles Young as Drew



Directed, Written and Cut Together by Christopher Eric Outridge

Producer and Asisstant Dircetor : Amanda Ruiz

Director of Photography = Christopher Eric Outridge and Edgardio Parada

Make Up and Visual Effects by Aileen "Margie" Salerno

Additional Make Up and Visual Effects by Lexan Rosser

Additional Cinematography by Jeremy Flores of KMF PRODUCTIONS

and featuring the hit song "CAPTURE" from PRETTY BULLSHIT http://prettybullshit.bandcamp.com/ as the TAPE ME Theme Song.